Subscription Terms and Conditions

I hereby waive whatever claim/s I may have at any time and howsoever arising against Rockhoppers Mountainbike Club - RMBC and/or It's officials/members, employees, servants, agents, assistants and the organisers of any cycling event at which I may compete, held under the auspices of RMBC in respect of or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, any event held by or under the auspices of RMBC for any bodily injury which I may suffer or any damage to any property which I may have legal interest, whether such damage or loss or injury was caused partly or wholly by the negligence albeit gross on the part of any one or more of the parties referred to above or any part for whom they may be vicariously liable.

2. I likewise hereby irrevocably and in rem suam appoint Rockhoppers as my agent on my behalf to waive any claim or claims which I may have at any time, of the kind set out above, against any Provincial, Municipal or other local authority or land owner from whom permission must be obtained for the lawful holding of any event, it's officials, seivants, agents and assistants, upon the same terms and conditions as are set out herein.

3. I hereby undertake that I shall at all times hold Rockhoppers Mountain Bike Club in particular and all parties referred to above including private land owners, harmless and keep It indemnified against all action/claims/demands/costs and expenses, arising out of any event mentioned in which I may compete in or during any training session.